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Affordability and sustainabilityA place to call homeHelp create affordable housing on Hornby

Affordability and sustainability

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A place to call home

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Help create affordable housing on Hornby

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Who Benefits?
Everyone on Hornby! The people who get ISLA housing benefit through stabilizing their lives with secure housing. The community benefits by keeping people on the island who are able to put energy into other things besides moving/finding housing multiple times a year. These are the workers and volunteers who keep our community running smoothly, and the parents of our school children. Fire fighters, home care workers, Co-op staff, trades people, people in all phases of life, but especially the younger workers, are finding stable year round housing difficult or impossible to obtain. We cannot afford to lose more of these valuable Hornby citizens.

What will the property look like when development is complete?
Given the sensitive nature of this portion of the Beulah Creek valley, ISLA houses will be clustered in a number of building sites identified by the biophysical study and riparian area report that total to about 4 acres of the 20 acre parcel.
There could ultimately be about 30 dwellings in duplexes/triplexes/single homes depending on affordability. It will be conservation-based affordable housing.

Where will the housing be put on the land? Co-op? Individual houses? Semi-attached? Mixture?
Mixture with organizational structure yet to be determined.

What are the parameters for getting people to build on the land? Do they need money, building skills, social skills?
ISLA will be responsible to build the infrastructure for the project, providing fully serviced lots. There will likely be opportunity to build sweat equity by assisting in the construction, clearing, landscaping, etc. Home buyers will have to have resources to secure a mortgage.

When will the financing be in place – is the government supporting ISLA?
There is some government support for ISLA, for example the biophysical study was financed by a CMHC grant. We have received generous donations from the Comox Valley Regional District (CVRD). Infrastructure costs are expected to be covered by lot purchases and community fundraising support.

Who owns the land?
ISLA owns the land and hopes to sell fully serviced strata lots in a restricted freehold model. Prices will vary according to lot size and number of bedrooms proposed and will be set considerably below market value, consistent with the goal of affordability.

What building standards will be used?
The homes will be built to the standard building code.

How does ISLA provide affordable housing if you don’t use government support?
Although there is actually some government support available, ISLA’s affordability is assured in a number of ways.
By taking the cost of the land out of the equation and building modest, small, clustered homes the required mortgages become attainable by working people on Hornby. We will save money on bulk purchase of construction materials and on shared infrastructure amongst the houses. Community support through fundraising, donations in kind, and sweat equity are already keeping our first development affordable and will continue to do so.

Who decides on the appearance of the buildings?
Since ISLA is ultimately responsible for the development of the Beulah Creek project, ISLA will develop style guidelines for the appearance of the buildings. Within these guidelines residents will be free to build and make their home their own.

I have a personal interest in the project, who should I talk to?
Please contact us or reach out to one of our board members.



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Who Benefits? Everyone on Hornby! The people who get ISLA housing benefit through stabilizing their lives with secure housing. The community benefits by keeping people on the island who are able […]

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