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Affordability and sustainabilityA place to call homeHelp create affordable housing on Hornby

Affordability and sustainability

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A place to call home

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Help create affordable housing on Hornby

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Letter to ISLA membership:

Dear ISLA We hope that you have heard by now that Elder Housing and ISLA are seriously considering joining together as one society. We are writing to encourage you to come out to the upcoming information meeting where members of the Elder Housing and ISLA boards of directors will discuss the steps that would be involved in joining our two societies, and answer questions on the risks and benefits involved. We will also have a chance to discuss the provincial grant that this one society would be seeking for the Beulah Creek property.

This is a big step for the two societies, and we would like to hear your input. Following this meeting, the boards of directors of ISLA and Elder Housing will decide whether to call Special General Meetings for their respective memberships, so that the members can vote on the motions required to form one society. We are hoping that you will be able to come on Sunday, June 24, to take part in this important discussion.

3:00 pm Sunday, June 24that New Horizons.
Have questions in advance?
Don’t be shy – please call one of our board members:
Katherine Ronan: 250-335-0168
Karen Brown: 250-335-1987We remain committed to getting housing on the ground!


Affordable Housing – A Pressing Need

Hornby Island has a world-class reputation as a travel destination, but it is a distinction that comes with challenges: a seasonal service economy with many low-paying jobs, rental housing that is expensive and often available only part of the year, many off-island owners and part-time residents, and high property values that are out of reach for local wage-earners.

We are working to provide year-round, secure, and affordable housing on Hornby.

Why is it important?

  • Working families, earning island incomes, have the opportunity to put down roots and thrive.
  • Children can grow up in stable, safe, healthy homes and supportive neighbourhoods.
  • Our island community needs access to housing that is affordable to teachers, healthcare providers, retail and restaurant employees, office staff, small business owners, artists, people in the building trades. These residents provide essential services and contribute to a healthy economy.
  • Families, and singles help our island remain balanced and whole – with young and old, working and retired, and a wide range of incomes.
  • Because ISLA housing will remain permanently affordable, the public and private dollars invested are protected in perpetuity. It is a community asset that will benefit Hornby islanders for generations.

Please explore this website to learn more and get involved!




What is ISLA? Islanders’ Secure Land Association (ISLA) is working to maintain the diversity of the Hornby Island community by answering the ongoing need for permanently affordable housing. Hornby Island’s […]

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Beulah Creek Village

Exploring the Formation of One, All Encompassing Hornby Housing Society ~ BC Housing recently announced provincial funding for $1.9 billion for affordable rental housing to be rolled out over 10 […]

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(We are in the process of completing an up-to-date FAQ section based on recent major changes to the direction of the project and partnership with BC Housing.  For more information […]

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Get Involved

Affordable, stable housing is only possible with the community’s support. How can you help? Donate Donations help cover the administrative costs of maintaining the land under development, and towards financing […]

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